Mission and Strategic Plan

Mission Statement (approved May, 2014)

With an ongoing commitment to equity and inclusion, the Association of Independent Schools in New England (AISNE) shapes the educational landscape for independent schools through leadership, education, service, and strategic advocacy.


Core Values (approved January, 2015)
AISNE envisions a stronger, more inclusive, and more collaborative community of independent schools that - with the help of AISNE and each other - has the information, resources, and strategies it needs to
thrive in a continuously changing educational landscape. AISNE uses the following core values as the guiding principles and beliefs that guide our work with member schools:
Equity and Inclusion:
AISNE values the diversity of its member schools and is committed to serving them equitably.
Transformative Purpose:
Schools have the potential to make our world better through their work to inspire, guide, and educate children.
Collaboration and Community:
AISNE recognizes the autonomy of each independent school and believes that the community of independent schools is enriched and strengthened when schools collaborate and work with one another.
Strategic Thinking:
AISNE schools are committed to being mission driven and student focused. By engaging in regular reflection and evaluation, they remain relevant to the students and families they serve.
Service and Public Action:
AISNE believes that independent schools have a public purpose and responsibility to improve the common good.
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"AISNE provides me with a network of talented professionals and gives my school access to cutting-edge thinking and best practices in education."

Siri Akal Khalsa
President, Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall

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