Board of Directors

AISNE Board of Directors - 2015-2016


Steve Barker, Head of School, Friends Academy

Maureen Brenner, Head of School, Riverview School

Kim Bullock, Director of Diversity, St. George's School


Mary Carter, Head of School, The Derryfield School


Rob Gustavson, Head of School, Fay School

Danielle Heard, Head of School, Nashoba Brooks School


Bill Hughes, Chief Strategy Officer, Learning Objects

Tim Johnson, Head of School, Pingree School

Moira Kelly, Executive Director, Exploration


Claire Leheny (staff), Executive Director, AISNE

Donna Milani Luther, Head of School, Inly School

Sally Mixsell, Head of School, Stoneleigh Burnham School


Olivia Moorehead-Slaughter, Licensed Psychologist Provider, The Park School

Bonnie Ricci (staff), Assistant Director, AISNE

Greg Schneider, Head of School, Berwick Academy

Mark Stanek, Head of School, Shady Hill School


Antonio Viva, Head of School, Walnut Hill School

Ralph Wales, Head of School, Gordon School



President: Ralph Wales, Gordon School

Vice President: Moira Kelly, Exploration

Secretary: Danielle Heard, Nashoba Brooks School

Treasurer: Greg Schneider, Berwick Academy



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Mike Cooper
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