Working at an independent school

Private schools are wonderful places in which to teach. They offer caring, orderly, safe, and nurturing environments; they emphasize the education of the whole child; they insist on academic excellence; and they treat teachers as professionals, giving them considerable autonomy and independence in matters of instruction. The disciplined environment, rigorous curriculum, caring communities, and high expectations private schools provide make them some of the most effective schools in the country. Teachers in private schools can spend their time doing what they are supposed to be doing: teaching. How does a school do that? You start by hiring the best teachers you can find and then you…

* Create small classes.
* Give teachers the autonomy to shape the program to suit the needs and interests of the particular group of students within the structure of your mission and values.
*  Provide funds for professional development.
* Reward innovation and growth.
* Nurture the qualities you prize, such as deep knowledge of subject and teaching, dedication, passion, and the capacity to engage and inspire
* Free them from the constraints created by over-dependence on standardized testing to measure achievement and aptitude.
* Help them build real partnerships with parents.

With a few exceptions, states generally do not require private school teachers to be certified.

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“You feel you’re part of something special and you enjoy the work that you do and you feel proud of it, you want to be sure that it continues to be good and special and significant. There’s a huge amount of personal investment in the school.”

Rosanna S., Independent School Teacher

Rosanna S., Independent School Teacher