About Us

Inspiring Progress. Advancing Excellence.

AISNE can trace its beginning back to 1904, when a group of passionate teachers in the greater Boston area came together to develop a professional development speaker series. Today, AISNE thrives because of that same collaborative passion to enhance and advance independent education.

Across the decades, the common vision for AISNE has been to serve as a place where schools could turn to for inspiration, to look beyond today and imagine the possibilities of the future. AISNE is a place where excellence - in all its forms - is celebrated and exalted.

With 200 member schools, AISNE is one of the largest regional associations in the country and represents a diverse range of schools in terms of size, pedagogy, religious affiliation, and, of course, mission. We serve our schools by providing strategic information, accreditation, advocacy and a wide range of professional development opportunities.

New England is a place of tradition and innovation, never standing still but never forgetting the past. AISNE is committed to inspiring progress and advancing excellence as we move forward, together.