Thank you for your interest in joining AISNE

AISNE is proud to represent a peer network of over 200 schools across New England. Membership provides your school with access to a powerful range of opportunities and expertise.

As an AISNE member, your school may:

  • Participate in AISNE events and professional development programs at member rates
  • Attend AISNE Leadership Summits, Signature Conferences, Workshops and Student Forums
  • Exhibit at AISNE's family-facing programming
  • Post employment opportunities to AISNE's Jobs Board
  • Promote open houses, community events and summer programs on AISNE's website
  • Advance your school's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, through participation in dedicated AISNE events for educators, students and families
  • Be a part of AISNE's Member Directory, online and in print
  • Benefit from AISNE's marketing and advocacy investments on behalf of New England independent schools
  • Save time with AISNE's curated resources, templates, tools and research
  • Collaborate to access the expertise and experience of AISNE's team

Apply for Membership

We have two membership types for schools, fellow associations and educational organizations. They are Full Membership and Associate Membership.

Full Membership

  • Schools accredited by AISNE or by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), located in the states of MA, ME, NH, RI and VT, are eligible to be Full Members of AISNE.
  • 2019-20 Full Membership Dues are calculated based on a school's program revenue.
  • NEASC Member Schools: Apply Here for Full AISNE Membership
  • Interested in Being Accredited by AISNE: Apply Here

Associate Membership

  • Not-for-profit independent schools in the United States not accredited by AISNE or by NEASC have the opportunity to apply to be Associate Members of AISNE.
  • 2019-20 In-Region (in New England) Associate Dues are $1,350.
  • 2019-20 Out-of-Region (outside of New England) Associate Dues are $750.
  • Fellow associations and educational organizations may also apply.
  • Apply Here for Affiliate AISNE Membership

Other Inquiries

Interested in becoming a Corporate Partner and in Sponsoring AISNE?

Other Inquires

Please call our office at 781.843.8440 or contact Betsy O'Brien.