The ultimate goal of the accreditation process is the enhancement of student learning and growth in our schools.

The process of accreditation can:
  • Strengthen the school’s commitment and congruence to its mission.
  • Facilitate institutional reflection and self-evaluation.
  • Affirm the strengths of the school.
  • Help identify areas for improvement.
  • Provide structure and a timetable for institutional reflection, dialogue, and change.
  • Allow for performance measurement against a wide range of standards of good practice.
  • Demonstrate the school’s willingness to be held professionally accountable.
  • Enhance credibility with its immediate constituents and with the community at large.
  • Demonstrate that the school is part of the larger entity of independent school education.
  • Focus on the institution rather than on individuals which helps to ensure the long-term health of the school.

Elementary and middle schools interested in accreditation by AISNE should contact our Accreditation Director Sara Wilson at 781-843-8440 x461.