AISNE accreditation is a 10-year cycle of self-reflection, goal-setting, peer review, and accountability that is designed to support each school in optimally fulfilling its unique mission. Every 10 years, a school engages in a rigorous self-study that involves reflecting on, assessing, and affirming its practices in relation to its mission. The self-study process is mission-focused, comprehensive of all aspects of school life, and inclusive of representatives of all of the school's stakeholder groups.

Following the self-study, the school hosts a 4-day peer-review onsite visit, with educators appointed by AISNE staff from other accredited schools in the AISNE network. Using the school's self-study, the visiting team assesses the school’s compliance with the AISNE Standards of Accreditation, and the congruence of its educational program and practices to its mission. The visiting team produces a report commenting on their findings and highlighting commendations, recommendations, and suggestions to guide the school's continuous improvement over the next 10 years of its AISNE accreditation term.

One year following the onsite visit, a school prepares a One-Year Action Plan that explains how the school plans to address the recommendations provided by the visiting team. Five years after the visit, the school reports on its progress in addressing those recommendations and a one-day visit affirms the school's progress.

AISNE's accreditation process relies on the hard work and volunteerism of many members of the AISNE community:

Throughout all stages of the process, AISNE staff supports, encourages, and celebrates the school's commitment to continuous improvement.