ELL Tutor
  • Learning Support

Applewild School, Fitchburg, MA

Accredited by AISNE

Applewild School, an Independent School in Fitchburg, MA, has an opening for an ELL Tutor to:

  • Provide ELL services to students in the following areas: reading, writing, listening and speaking. This position may include working at both the elementary (grades 1-5) and middle (grades 5-8) school levels.
  • Work with students in one-to-one or in small group situations.
  • Generate student-specific goals and strategies.
  • Help students acquire appropriate skills and understand required concepts through multisensory teaching techniques.
  • Bridge the gap between class lessons and independent work, helping students become confident learners.
  • Coordinate with classroom teachers to provide assistance with assignments.
  • Communicate with families weekly concerning each student’s progress toward meeting goals.

The ideal candidate should:

  • hold a degree in Education with experience teaching ELL.
  • be able to assess student progress.
  • be able to modify instruction to accommodate various student learning profiles.
  • be able to use Google drive comfortably.

This is a part-time position with varied hours. There is a possibility of additional hours for qualified candidates in the Learning Support Program.