Assistant Athletic Trainer
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Boston College High School, Boston, MA

Accredited by NEASC

Certified Assistant Athletic Trainer - Job Description

The Assistant Athletic Trainer reports immediately to the Head Athletic Trainer, but will fall under the athletic director purview. The Assistant Athletic Trainer helps with the day to day function of the Athletic Training Room while attending scheduled practices and interscholastic athletic contests. The responsibilities of the Assistant Athletic Trainer include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Possess Board of Certification (BOC) certification and hold a current state license from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  2. Maintain current national certification and state licensure through continuing education
  3. Possess and maintain current CPR Credentials
  4. Operate within the regulations and guidelines set forth by the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA), the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the MIAA, and Boston College High School and Athletic Department
  5. Represent and promote the mission and values of Boston College High School both in the Training room and at athletic competitions
  6. Maintain working relationships and open communication between the Athletic Training staff with other health care professionals, coaching staff, parents, and student-athletes
  7. With the Head Athletic Trainer, meets regularly with the Athletic Director and Assistant Athletic Director for feedback and to formulate Training Room policies
  8. Provides on-site injury evaluation and care as well as appropriate acute care treatments, follow up treatments and rehabilitation as necessary for injuries sustained by student-athletes
  9. Notify parents or legal guardians and recommend appropriate medical care when the Certified Athletic Trainer(s) deems a significant injury has occurred
  10. Communicate with appropriate personnel (treating physicians, parent(s)/guardian(s)) regarding the status of injury/illness and participation capabilities.
  11. Communicate with the coaching staff regarding the Return to Play status of student-athletes who have sustained an injury, illness, or Traumatic Brain Injur
  12. Communicate with the school nursing staff regarding in school continuity of care for soft tissue injuries (sprains, strains), Traumatic Brain Injuries, assistance in ambulating
  13. Communicate with the school nursing staff of the Return to Play status of student-athletes who have sustained an illness, Traumatic Brain Injury, or significant injury as it relates to school day of athlete
  14. Determine when an athlete may safely return to full participation after an injury (following a physician’s authorization when needed)
  15. Maintain complete and accurate records of all athletic injuries and treatments using athletic training injury tracking software
  16. Assists the Head Athletic Trainer with clearance process of Boston College High School student-athletes, and helps with communicating the status of clearance to head coaches, athletes, parents, and appropriate Athletic Department staff
  17. Evaluate and recommend new techniques, equipment, and procedures that enhance the benefit of the Athletic Training and Athletics programs to Head athletic Trainer
  18. Annually Review the Athletic Training Policies and Procedures Manual with the Head Athletic Trainer and make recommendations for revision
  19. Annually review the Athletic Training Emergency Action Plans with the Head Athletic Trainer and make recommendations for revision and help coordinate
  20. Maintain and update the Athletic Training social media platforms if assigned by Head Athletic Trainer
  21. Meets weekly with the Head Athletic Trainer to discuss policy, schedules, or any pertinent medical topic. Open communication is vital between the Head and Assistant Trainer
  22. Perform other duties as assigned by the Head Athletic Trainer and/or the Athletic Director

Susan Glover
Manager, People and Culture
Boston College High School