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Beaver Country Day School, Chestnut Hill, MA

Accredited by NEASC

Beaver Country Day School in Chestnut Hill, MA seeks an experienced Administrative Assistant to begin work in January 2021. The administrative assistant will work alongside the Executive Assistant to the Head of School, you will be a frontline  strategic thinker, problem solver and gatekeeper – not just to the Head of School’s office – but as a representative of the brand. From meeting preparation, prioritization, and materials coordination, to calendar management, event planning –  you will play an integral role in keeping the HOS office running smoothly, which means the rest of the organization is running smoothly as well. As an extension of the HOS office, you will also play a major role in community engagement and culture building and evolution.

Responsibilities: (include and are not limited to):

  • Coordinate daily calendar of our HOS
  • Serve as the liaison between HOS office and other departments within the school
  • Partner with Executive Assistant to the HOS on meeting preparation and material coordination to ensure effective use of time and resources
  • Work with CMO and marketing department to plan for and prepare speaker notes and content for presentations by HOS, coordinating with hosting department and associated people within those teams
  • Drive Beaver team building and engagement by assisting in planning and running events and other activities with Executive Assistant to the HOS.
  • Coordinate, prep, and confirm appointments and meetings as needed
  • Plan and schedule travel (when travel becomes safe again)
  • e a champion and protector of the BVR culture
  • Implement process changes to gain efficiencies in scheduling and meeting coordinatior
  • Be a champion and protector of the BVR culture
  • Your positivity and great sense of humor will make you a great fit for this team. 


  • Creative, a fast thinker, master collaborator, an excellent writer and thoughtful communicator. You’ll be able to change it up and pivot quickly when needed.
  • our positivity and great sense of humor will make you a great fit for this team.
  • Must enjoy working in a youth-centered academic environment
  • Extreme attention to detail, trustworthiness, and sense of confidentiality are musts

Who we are:

  • An independent day school located just outside of Boston, serving grades 6-12 with some of the most impressive kids you’ll ever meet!
  • We value collaboration, partnership, and above all, creating an inclusive, equitable, anti-racist environment for our community. This work is a priority and steadfast commitment, it is never “done”, and we will always make decisions with this at the core of who we are.
  • Not your stereotypical private school. We think (and operate) more like a start up. Our mindset is to make excellent mistakes, launch/test/refine, and not be defined by binary thinking, instead we look to approach things from a both/and outlook: tradeoffs don’t have to be the answer.
  • That’s where the creativity bit comes in. We are a community of creative thinkers and doers.
  • Our business is providing a future-focused education rooted in real world context and experience (we aren’t teaching from old dusty textbooks or sitting in lecture halls memorizing content), and our clients are our students. Everything we do is with the student experience at the center.
  • The hardest questions to answer are the open ended ones, that’s where we thrive. Our incredibly talented faculty co-create educational experiences with students ensuring they are always challenged, thinking critically, pushing themselves to think bigger and do more, all while ensuring our students are acquiring the knowledge and skills they need to do the work.
  • The administrative side of the school operates on the same mindset. We are never done, there’s never one way to do a thing, and our goal every day is to create a school that is making an impact – for our students, and for education as a whole. We don’t take that work lightly, we need people that are relentlessly committed to it and excited to work together.


What’s not to love?

  • Breakfast and lunch provided, and good coffee! And snacks, lots of snacks
  • Free parking, and close to the green line TIn these weird and scary times, we take cleaning and building safety seriously, you can feel confident in an attentive and flexible model of work that prioritizes our community health at every step.
  •  Generous Benefit (Health, Dental and more) For more information visit our website