Dorm Head

The Putney School, Putney, VT

Accredited by NEASC

If you know of an individual who is interested in progressive education, inclusive community building, DEI, and working closely with teenagers, please let them know about a one-year opportunity at the Putney School, beginning at the end of August 2021, and lasting through early June 2022.

Putney is a small progressive 9-12 boarding school on a farm in southern Vermont. We have an opening for a dorm head in one of our smaller dorms. It's a modest position in some ways, as it involves free room and board, a small stipend, and being "on duty" every third weekend and 1-2 nights a week, with off-duty weekdays/weekends free (but an expectation that the person sleeps in the dorm most nights). In other ways, it's a critical position, as regardless of their role, every adult on our campus is a teacher, and has the opportunity and responsibility to educate, influence and support our students in meaningful ways--and especially in their residential "home" space.

We are looking for a responsible adult who is interested in and experienced with working with teenagers, who has strong emotional intelligence, is committed to ongoing DEI work at the personal and community level, and who can create a dorm environment that is inclusive of students of all identities. On a practical level, the position is part of a team of four adults: one dorm head who lives in another apartment in the dorm, and two non-residential dorm team members. The apartment is nice but small, and while individuals with partners have lived there successfully, some have said it's challenging for more than one person. On the other hand, pets are fine.

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