Elementary Physical Education Teacher
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Park Street School, Boston, MA


Boston, Massachusetts


Full Time - Faculty



Preferred Education:

4 Year Degree

Are you passionate about kids and physical education? Are you innovative and active? Resourceful? Consider applying for the position of Elementary Physical Education Specialist Teacher (grades K-6)! This is an in-school position that follows a model of rotating through in-person cohorts with a single grade while also teaching non-cohorting grades virtually.

The Physical Education teacher is responsible for organizing innovative games and challenges that promote physical activity among all students at Park Street School from grades K-6. The goal is to develop motor skills, physical development, proper exercise, and healthy habits among all students. The teacher must be knowledgeable about healthy life practices and use every day relevant situations to teach these practices, must be creative and resourceful in using school space and resources to provide physical activities, and be flexible and engaging as an instructor for students from multiple grade levels.


  • A Bachelor's degree and appropriate licensure,
  • Be endorsed in Health/PE and hold a Highly Qualified Status
  • At least 2 years of relevant experience preferred
  • Bachelor degree preferred
  • Citizenship, residency or work visa required


Values that we hold high are trustworthiness, honesty, diligence, open communication, fairness, and politeness. All employees and volunteers at Park Street School work together to fulfill the school’s mission statement. We expect to employ professionals who will work beyond job descriptions, creating both a fulfilling career environment and very successful outcomes for our students.
Park Street School offers competitive benefits, generous time off, and a meaningful work environment with like-minded colleagues.

Additional perks and opportunities in this position
•Big gymnasium
•Well-supplied equipment
•Opportunity to expand and mold PE program
•Cheerful and active students who enjoy gym class
•Opportunity to implement an interscholastic athletic program


  • Christian
  • Elementary
  • Physical Education
  • remote