English Teacher - Part Time Long Term Substitute (approx. 6-8 weeks)

Pinkerton Academy, Derry, NH

Accredited by NEASC

Contract Period:         Academic-year position, per diem

Supervisor:                 Department Head

Qualifications:            NH Certification in content area

Profile of a Pinkerton Teacher

A Pinkerton teacher’s most important role is in the classroom and they strive to engage students in a student-centered learning environment. The development of this culture allows students to make meaning of the content and transfer their knowledge to new situations and real-life applications. Teachers should be facilitators of learning, coaching students to become independent and critical thinkers. Teachers are supported in their professional learning towards growth in all areas and are encouraged to use a variety of techniques in their instruction and assessment. Fostering a positive, challenging, and supportive environment is essential to the academic and social-emotional development of our students. Pinkerton’s Vision for Instruction is utilized to guide a teacher’s practice.

As a member of a department and the school community, it is essential that a Pinkerton teacher displays a collaborative attitude. The growth and progress of a department and the Pinkerton community depends on the involvement and engagement of the faculty members in supporting the department and school goals. Teachers' creation of a positive atmosphere in the school community reinforces learning as a lifelong activity. The modeling of Pinkerton’s goals of courtesy, respect, and responsibility can be demonstrated through a teacher’s relationships with students, staff, and parents.

Pinkerton Academy asks all faculty members to exhibit the highest degree of professionalism in all situations, whether they are actively instructing, performing professional duties, or representing the Academy in another capacity. It is imperative that a teacher maintain their certification, meet their commitments as outlined by the Professional Staff Handbook and individual contracts, and uphold all school policies. If a teacher finds themselves in disagreement with any school policy, they can voice that disagreement within the processes outlined in the Professional Staff Handbook. Pinkerton Academy faculty are dedicated to showing respect for others, their opinions, and their assignments. All faculty need to demonstrate integrity, sound judgment, and an ongoing commitment to their professional duties and growth, their students, and the Pinkerton community.

Essential Skills and Abilities of a Pinkerton Teacher


  • Implements effective instructional practices to meet the needs of the learners
  • Plans lessons and units
  • Assesses student progress, provides feedback in a timely manner, and alters instruction based on that feedback
  • Communicates and adheres to clear grading procedures aligned with department policy
  • Monitors and documents progress of students and issues reports when appropriate
  • Maintains accurate student records and data, including grades and attendance
  • Utilizes appropriate and available resources (technology, professional growth opportunities, collaboration)
  • Communicates proactively with students and all other stakeholders regarding student progress
  • Provides support and remediation for students outside of class time


  • Exhibits enthusiasm, cooperation, and professionalism with respect to department responsibilities
  • Engages and participates in department meetings, professional learning communities, and common planning
  • Displays professional growth in relation to individual, department, and school initiatives
  • Collaborates and shares expertise or areas of professional growth with colleagues
  • Communicates effectively and respectfully with department members
  • Participates in
    • Curriculum planning
    • Inventory and budgeting
    • General supervision
    • Professional growth
    • Departmental responsibilities
  • Displays
    • Professionalism
    • Appropriate conduct and behavior
    • Punctuality
    • Care of equipment and facilities
    • Reliability

Appropriate management techniques

School and Community 

  • Displays respect for all members of the school community
  • Participates fully in commitments beyond the role in the classroom (i.e. assigned duty period, campus supervision, chaperoning, co-curricular, extra-curricular activities)
  • Promotes progress of the school community by engaging in committees that enact change
  • Engages in other school functions as a representative of the department and the school (i.e. course night, graduation, freshman field day, open house)

Supports student involvement and engagement outside of the classroom

This job description and the Professional Staff Handbook is designed to cover a comprehensive list of activities and responsibilities that are required for this job. While every effort will be made to notify teachers in advance of any changes to their job description and/or expectations, the Board and its assigned designees may at any time, with or without notice, make changes to duties and responsibilities


  • Paraeducator
  • special education