English/History Teacher Grades 6-8
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The Pike School, Andover, MA

Accredited by AISNE

Pike is seeking a full time English and History teacher for grades 6-8 in the Upper School beginning in the 2020-2021 school year.  This person will teach three sections of English and one section of history and also will have an advisory role on the 8th grade team.

The Pike School community represents culturally and socio-economically diverse families from 38 communities.  In the Upper School, we consider ourselves lifelong learners, who bring our experiences of conferences and other professional development opportunities into our classroom.  The materials we use in our class reflect our intention to offer students “mirrors and windows”, and we creatively use technology to improve student learning. These guiding principles inform all of our curricular choices and development. While we do not teach in lockstep with one another, our goal is for students to receive a similar experience in each of our classrooms. Towards that end, we meet frequently, sharing ideas and laughter. We are an energetic group of dedicated and determined educators who love working with our students, our subject area, and our profession.

Pike seeks candidates who possess skills in culturally responsive teaching and leadership practices, as well as a dedication to working in a diverse community. Candidates must also have demonstrated a commitment to collaboration and lifelong learning. Pike faculty and staff are an integral part of the Pike community who inspire our students to become independent thinkers and responsible citizens.

Other Qualifications and Responsibilities include:

  • Experience working with 11-14-year-old students and understands this age group’s particular needs.
  • Familiar with direct instruction in writing and the writing and research process.

Understands how to differentiate instruction for neurodiverse learners.

  • Willing to collaborate on curriculum development within a Professional Learning Team.
  • Excellent written communication skills. 
  • Knowledge of technology in the classroom to improve learning.
  • Experience in an advisory role, meeting with parents and facilitating detailed conferences concerning students’ academic progress and social growth.
  • Willingness to embrace the lifestyle of working as part of a team in a dynamic independent school, eagerly assuming many roles and devoting the time required to model excellence in job performance.

For a complete job description and instructions on how to apply, all candidates please visit www.pikeschool.org/employment and click APPLY below the job description.