Enrichment Programs Manager

Acera - The Massachusetts School of Science, Creativity and Leadership, Winchester, MA

At Acera, we are looking for a professional with passion, high energy, exceptional organization and follow through, and a commitment to innovation in education. If the thought of working at a non-profit with a start-up “feel” -- where you can have a big impact -- gets you excited, then Acera may be the place for you.  We seek a kind hearted, results oriented, entrepreneurial manager and leader who can become part of our mission and community! 

The multi-tasker who joins our team will need to bring excellent communication skills and a sense of purpose, and will want to invest themselves to understand students, coach teachers, and enable growth of an incredible enrichment program, with a focus in summer, after school, vacation camp weeks, and our school-day Creativity Morning program. 

The ideal candidate is an experienced professional, who has teaching, teacher coaching, organizational administrative, and business planning experience.   The role includes overseeing enrollment, issue management, implementation, program formation in partnership with teacher entrepreneurs, and running the summer and enrichment after school / evening programs as a business.  This position requires superior organization, accountability, communication and judgment. 

Belief in progressive educational approaches is essential, as our program philosophy is that Teacher Entrepreneurs and Specialists design, craft, and lead their own enrichment program offerings.  We are focused on a student centered and individualized approach to learning.  We empower our teachers as entrepreneurs in their programs.  Rather than follow age-based standards, consistent expectations across students, or particular curricula, we believe in removing the boundaries that can limit students (and teachers) from stepping into their best selves. 

Role Expectations Include: 

  • In concert with other Acera administrative and teaching staff, envision and implement programs for summer, after school, evenings, (and perhaps evenings and/or weekends). 
  • Create and manage the enrichment program as a business, with clear revenue growth goals, profitability targets, and an overall business plan.   
  • Leverage Salesforce database tool to help with enrollment, management and planning. 
  • Manage program staff and teachers.  Run staffing schedule to assure that the right people are in the right roles.  Post and manage hiring process, as needed, for part time teaching positions
  • Coordinate with Director of Faculty on teachers’ needs and on program design and integrate with the core school day program
  • Manage feedback and issue resolution as needed, for teachers, parents, and students. 
  • In the summer, job hours are a particularly full day, approximately 8am – 6pm. 
  • During the school year, job hours may vary more substantially, and include daily after school work.
  • Work with marketing/ PR person to clarify and update the enrichment advertising and marketing plans. 
  • Engage creatively in grassroots marketing and outreach to enroll enrichment programs
  • Manage the bus connections with Winchester public schools which bring students to after school programs.
  • Collaborate often and with transparency and kindness with all office staff, particularly the Operations Manager, to optimize use of enrollment tools and accurate financial reporting and business management for enrichment programs 
  • Manage communication with all enrichment families so that they know what to expect and how to best engage in program offerings. 
  • Collaborate with Acera’s Admissions Director to proactively refer students who might be appropriate for our core, school day program.
  • Collaborate and engage to participate (as time allows) with Acera Education Innovation public school outreach programs, as a facilitator, and/or to leverage enrichment programs as “pilot test” opportunities for new curricula which may be targeted for rollout in public programs. 
  • Creatively invent new offerings and expand the program in creative ways that meet market opportunities. 
  • Optimize market pricing so that enrichment program can generate revenue, while also leveraging our Reed Hollett Enrichment Scholarship program, expanding access to Acera Enrichment by low income students. 
  • Coalesce hopes, create, catalyze and run whole school field trips twice / year (once in late November, once in late April), which fit with classroom themes and student interests. 


  • Substantial years of experience in management, education, and/or administration.
  • Able to initiate and self manage
  • Highly collaborative and effective coach and supporter of others
  • Confident and capable in situations of stress and conflict
  • A bring-it-on, can-do, let’s make it happen, whatever it takes attitude!
  • A kind heart, a thoughtful mind, and a generous spirit (we’re still, in many ways, a start-up!)
  • BA / BS degree
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Mac proficiency
  • 5+ years of experience getting things done in a corporate, non-profit, or educational office environment.  
  • See challenges as opportunities for invention.  Positive, the “glass is half full” orientation.

School Mission: Acera is a growing, private K-8 school that provides high ability students with unbounded access to learning.  At Acera, students learn, discover and explore at a pace appropriate to each child’s unique motivation and potential, not their age.  Our culture is not about pressure to achieve; it is about freedom to thrive. We support our students’ innate curiosity and love of learning via an interdisciplinary, hands-on learning approach. Through developing emotional intelligence, complex and creative thinking skills, and systems awareness, we develop thinkers and innovators who will be able to make positive change in our world.  We are growing our progressive school and we have an exciting vision for impact!

The Need for Something Different:

Massachusetts ranks at the bottom of the 50 states in supporting the needs of gifted students; there is great urgency and need within the gifted population that currently does not have access to an appropriate education. 

Broader Cause: 

We hope to be a microcosm of what is possible, and to model both in our school day and enrichment programs powerful learning opportunities.  We believe that all students should have voice and choice in their learning, should be able to engage in meaningful work, and that joy and curiosity are core to any learning experience.  We want to be a force of change for public education, and believe that all students should have meaningful, interdisciplinary, creative and project-based learning opportunities.   We believe students should be able to learn whatever they are ready for and interested in, without limits due to age based norms or curricula.  We hope to, as we grow, offer new programs and professional development workshops and to be a force for positive innovation in education.  

Equal Opportunity Employer

Acera is committed to maintaining a work and learning environment free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, pregnancy, gender, sexual orientation, marital/civil union status, ancestry, place of birth, age, citizenship status, veteran status, political affiliation or disability as defined and required by state and federal laws.




·       Scheduling accountability of when there are days off, when to be “on the floor” with kids vs. engaged in administrative tasks, etc. “reports to” the Operations Manager.

·       Synching up re: management of issues for teachers who are full time employees and also integration of programming details which relate to


Default Schedule:                 

10am – 6pm in the building, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday

8:30am – 4:30pm  Wednesday

Expect to be on point, with students, at every recess (10:30am – 11am, 12-1, and 2:50-3:30) every day. 


Parts of the role include: 

Managing afterschool and all enrichment program substitute coverage


  • enrichment
  • Program
  • programming