Executive Functioning and Literacy Specialist

Acera School, Winchester, MA

Overview: Acera is looking for an Executive Functioning and Literacy Specialist to become a support for our students and a member within our student support team. At Acera, we foster intrinsic motivation and good judgement in students within a progressive, student- centered school. For this role, we require 3+ years of experience. As an executive functioning and literacy specialist, you will enable students to develop their organization, planning, and implementation skills, their writing skills, and their decision making abilities. Send resume and cover letter which describes your educational and tutoring philosophies and your salary expectations to: hiring@aceraschool.org

Job Description: Bring your highly collaborative approach, and deep commitment to customizing students’ experiences to fit their needs to our school. You will need to have a highly collaborative and accountable approach to support, team with teachers, counseling staff and tutors, and intervene with good judgement. We have a core school program with 130 students ages 5-14, and a summer time STEAM Learning Lab program that offers year-round enrichment to the public. We are continuously improving our school as a microcosm of what is possible in education, in which students’ voice, capacities and needs are understood. At Acera, we build relationships with each student as the cornerstone of our practice, and we partner with parents to help each child become the best version of themselves.


As an executive functioning and literacy specialist, use strong skills in listening, supporting, skill building, and facilitation to:

  • Enable student growth in executive functioning (task initiation, planning and prioritizing, flexible thinking, organization, etc)
  • Partner with teachers, counseling team and parents to assure students get interventions and skill building opportunities that align with their learning profile
  • Provide individualized support for students via our Student Support Program under the guidance of the Student Support Program Manager both during the school day and in before/after school 1:1 sessions
  • Enable student growth in written expression
  • Be a flexible member of the community to step in as needed across the school
  • Support parent meetings and education efforts
  • Join classrooms for literacy support
  • Provide Orton-Gillingham reading support 1:1 as needed
  • Continuously learn and improve practice by learning from others on staff and participating in professional development programs.

As a staff member at Acera, be a flexible member of our small school and high commitment team, flexibly helping out as needed. Ask for help, and escalate issues you see. Live and practice Acera’s core values of community, curiosity, openness, innovation, integrity, and leadership.

Acera Mission: We envision a world in which schools engage students in meaningful learning, in which teachers are freed as entrepreneurs in their classrooms, and in which students can become the best version of themselves, given each students’ unique capacities, needs, and passions. The Acera school day program provides students with unbounded access to learning, offering gifted students opportunity according to their ability not age. The Acera community, across all its programs and partnerships, learns, discovers, and explores at a pace appropriate to each child’s unique motivation and potential. Our culture is not about pressure; it is about freedom. We keep alive students’ innate curiosity and love of learning. We also partner with organizations beyond our walls, creating programs rich in sciences, technology, engineering, creativity and arts. We operate both as a lab school and a microcosm of what is possible for other schools. We seek to grow students’ emotional intelligence and enable them to become the best version of themselves. Our mission, across our core school day program, enrichment programs and within our partnerships, is to develop the next generation of innovators, leaders and creative thinkers who can make a positive impact in the world.

Skills and Requirements:

  • 3+ years of experience supporting student development (as tutor, writing coach, teacher, etc.)
  • Experience coordinating across staff members, as a team member and/or team leader
  • Ability to scan complicated social and community gatherings, and hone in and offer support as needed
  • Excellent organization, follow through, documentation, and project management skills in written and verbal formats
  • Ability to facilitate and support student groups to progress through projects, maintain a culture of mutual respect, and make plans and next steps to learn and evolve
  • Mac proficiency
  • Experience with elementary and middle school learners
  • Orton-Gillingham training and/or certification
  • A bring-it-on, can-do, let’s make it happen, whatever it takes attitude!
  • A kind heart, a thoughtful mind, and a generous spirit
  • Literacy specialist license, special education license, and/or training in specific tools or programs for kids with language-based learning disabilities highly preferred
  • See challenges as opportunities for invention. Positive, the “glass is half full” orientation. Enables others to reframe their distress into seeing challenges as opportunities
  • Flexibility to step in, help and do whatever is needed to support our programs, our teachers, our parents, and our students

Salary & Benefits:

  • School year position, full time
  • Four weeks paid time off: 2 weeks for December break, 1 week February break, 1 week April break
  • Health and dental benefits available, SIMPLE IRA
  • School-aged children of full time employees are able to attend Acera’s after school and summer programs free of charge


Please submit cover letter, resume, philosophy of education and beliefs about tutoring/coaching, and salary expectations to: hiring@Aceraschool.org

Anticipated start date: Immediately

For more information please contact: hiring@aceraschool.org www.aceraschool.org

Equal Opportunity Employer Acera is committed to maintaining a work and learning environment free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, pregnancy, gender, sexual orientation, marital/civil union status, ancestry, place of birth, age, citizenship status, veteran status, political affiliation or disability as defined and required by state and federal laws.

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