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Tremont School, Concord, MA

Accredited by NEASC

Tremont School in Concord, MA seeks an experienced, multidisciplinary, collaborative, energetic, and innovative teacher to join our team. Tremont is a small 5th-12th grade school with one High School science teacher.

We are looking for a teacher with deep subject knowledge, interdisciplinary interests, and a desire to connect with each student’s interests. Our science teacher will have the opportunity to develop curriculum, integrating science content with math, technology, and other areas of the curriculum to give students a real-life sense of the purposes and possibilities of Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

At Tremont School, we use a Living Curriculum approach that combines student-directed learning with teacher-guided, project-based, thematic curriculum. Our students and teachers learn together in a civic-minded community that highly values friendships and intellectual curiosity. As one of a few teachers in our growing High School program, you will have a unique role in the continued shaping of the science curriculum and program.

We are not a traditional school and are seeking candidates who appreciate and want to be part of a dynamic learning environment that emphasizes expertise in learning to learn over content learning, and approaches curriculum as dynamic, changeable, and responsive to what is relevant.

We create a learning environment for all students, regardless of gender, race, religion, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or economic background. We are a highly inclusive school environment.

The school values teachers who are:

  • self-reflective and have a growth mindset for teaching and learning;
  • at ease and celebrate working both independently and with a team of teachers;
  • adept at understanding and appreciating a diversity of learners capacity and varying areas of interests;
  • ready to be part of a faculty committed to the continued growth of the school and of our science program;
  • willing and able to take on areas of responsibility in addition to the teaching of science;

The ideal candidate will have the following minimum requirements:

  • 2 years of experience teaching chemistry at the High School level
  • 2 years of experience teaching other advanced high school areas of science
  • An understanding that social-emotional learning is critical to all learning.
  • We seek candidates that add to the diversity of our community.

Tremont School:

VISION – Our vision is to fill a need in the educational landscape for a model learning community that embraces diverse capabilities and empowers students to access their capacity as engaged, joyful, global citizens.

MISSION – Tremont School provides an innovative approach to education that (re)ignites a passion for learning. We build our community by honoring and embracing our students’ individuality, empowering them to be critical thinkers and compassionate citizens.

CORE VALUES – ● Develop Trust ● Build Connections ● Foster Independence

To apply: please send resume and letter of interest to, employment@tremontschool.org