Librarian and Transliteracy Integration Specialist
  • Librarian

Nashoba Brooks School, Concord, MA

Accredited by AISNE

Nashoba Brooks School is an independent school for boys and girls, age 3-Grade 3; girls, Grades 4-8. The school is committed to personal excellence in academics, athletics and the arts within its mission of preparing students for “…a life of continuous learning, accomplishment, and leadership in a diverse and changing world.” At Nashoba Brooks, we believe that diversity enriches and strengthens the community and challenges individuals to become agents of change in creating a more fair and equitable world.


Nashoba Brooks School seeks a full-time Librarian and Transliteracy Integration Specialist for the 2020-2021 academic year. The Librarian and Transliteracy Integration Specialist serves as a member of the IS team and reports to the Director of Educational Technology and Innovation. The Librarian and Transliteracy Integration Specialist will work closely and collaboratively with all members of the IS team to model creative problem solving, critical thinking, and flexibility necessary for success in our diverse and changing world. The primary functions of this role are to inspire a love of reading, support teachers in finding and creatively using resources, and to support Nashoba Brooks’ vision for dynamic transliteracy integration throughout the School. Nashoba Brooks is committed to using innovative instruction, including integrated technology and design thinking theory, to equip our students with the tools, resources, and skills necessary to be successful in the 21st century. This is a 12-month position.

Specific Responsibilities

Faculty Support

  • Lead and support the faculty in effective transliteracy integration through a consistent pattern of strategic outreach and informal support.
  • Lead and support the School’s commitment to a vibrant library program with flexible scheduling.
  • Model curiosity, enthusiasm and creative problem solving when using educational technology.
  • Collaborate with all members of the IS team to develop and execute strategic plans.
  • Support teachers in gaining independence in troubleshooting technology problems.
  • Respond to requests from employees for media, instructional, and technical help as needed.


  • Manage day-to-day operations of library and related programs, including budget and inventory.
  • Work with students in grades PS-8 to cultivate a love of reading, develop research skills, teach digital citizenship, and continue to grow the community culture around the value of literacy.
  • Serve as a resource and coach for transliteracy integration.
  • Manage library collection, circulation, and physical space.
  • Encourage and cultivate inquiry-based learning, curriculum integration, unit design, backward design philosophy and gradual release implementation.
  • Support teachers in developing and improving class websites (e.g. research guides) for instructional purposes.
  • Develop and offer library skills and transliteracy training workshops for teachers (library orientation, research,  source citation, etc.).
  • Research educational software/hardware to support transliteracy integration and innovation.
  • Work closely with Communications Team to manage library communications that are well aligned with Nashoba Brooks’ mission and brand standards.

Integration and Instruction

  • Collaborate with classroom teachers to develop innovative lessons and support them in gaining independence in integrated curriculum instruction.
  • Meet with grade level, department, and other committees to plan and assess curriculum aligned with Nashoba Brooks’ vision and goals.
  • Be responsible for evaluating, promoting, and using existing and emerging technologies to support the mission of Nashoba Brooks School, including proposing appropriate acquisitions.


  • Collaborate effectively and consistently demonstrate support for all members of the IS team.  
  • Actively participate in IS team meetings.
  • Assist in the regular evaluation of the library and technology scope and sequence.
  • Effectively manage multiple responsibilities.
  • Continue to pursue professional development opportunities aligned with the vision for transliteracy integration and library trends at Nashoba Brooks.


  • Master’s degree with significant coursework in library science or an equivalent from an ALA-accredited institution.
  • Minimum of one to three years related experience.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Ability to coach and/or lead a student activity preferred.
  • Commitment to ongoing professional development. 

The Librarian and Transliteracy Integration Specialist will model integrity, professionalism, curiosity, responsibility, creativity and respect for all persons, as well as a demonstrated commitment to advancing the School’s core values of integrity, collaboration, inclusivity, empathy, and resilience.


Application Process

Applicants should submit a cover letter and résumé to:

                  Hank Bryant, Director of Educational Technology and Innovation