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Buckingham Browne & Nichols School, Cambridge, MA

Accredited by NEASC

Position Open: Lower School Counselor

Date Posted: April 2021              

Date Available: Fall 2021

Department: Lower School    

Job Summary:

BB&N is seeking a full-time Lower School Counselor to serve the Lower School Community. Responsibilities included coordinating and providing clinical and counseling support services for the students in Beginner through Grade 6. The Counselor works closely with faculty, parents, and administrators to create a network of student support. This position is an on-campus role. 

About Buckingham Browne & Nichols:

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Buckingham Browne & Nichols is a day school that engages students in grades Pre-K through 12 in a rich and invigorating educational experience of the highest quality. The school excels at helping students discover their unique talents and passions and develop those strengths to the fullest. The curriculum is challenging, forward-thinking, innovative, and flexible, designed to help qualified students, from a range of backgrounds and with a wide spectrum of talents and interests, reach new levels of accomplishment. Co-curricular opportunities in athletics, the arts, community service, and other areas add important dimensions to students’ learning. Students learn on three age and developmentally appropriate campuses. At every grade, BB&N takes full advantage of the range of opportunities its locations afford.

BB&N is committed to becoming an anti-racist institution. This commitment is integral to the mission and vision of the School. BB&N’s mission is to promote scholarship, integrity, and kindness in diverse, curious, and motivated students. The School prepares students for lives of principled engagement in their communities and the world. At BB&N, we value a diverse and inclusive community that fosters respect for the identities and perspectives of all. The different perspectives and experiences of our students define the fabric of our community and contribute to the growth of the individuals who call BB&N their alma mater and shape the classroom and extracurricular experiences. To have as classmates and friends who are different from oneself, to come to truly know the background, experiences, and beliefs of a new friend, is to learn more deeply about oneself and our world. There is no more important attribute in the preparation for global citizenship.

The vibrancy and vitality we feel in the classrooms, hallways, stages and playing fields of BB&N derive from the people who are here. At its root are the varied interests and experiences, the different backgrounds, cultures, religions, views, and perspectives that our students and faculty bring to their classes and families bring to myriad activities. Each of us adds to the richness of another’s experience. Working and playing together teaches us lifelong lessons about appreciating each other, knowing and understanding each other, and learning from each other.


The ideal candidate will have at least 3-5 years of experience in counseling, with a strong preference for experience in a school environment. An advanced degree and licensure is required either in counseling, social work, or school psychology.

In addition, the Counselor will demonstrate the following skills and competencies:

  • Developing and maintaining trusting relationships with students
  • Developing and maintaining trusting relationships with families
  • Developing and maintaining strong working relationships with faculty and administration
  • Understanding of child development
  • Commitment to working in and fostering an inclusive community
  • Knowledge of and ability to work effectively with cross-cultural populations
  • Self-starter – working independently without day-to-day supervision
  • Predisposition to reflect warmth and a positive spirit
  • Ability to facilitate Crisis intervention
  • Maintaining confidentiality; using discretion
  • Support of institution’s mission
  • Advocacy for counseling issues in school community
  • Understand and exhibit high standards of professional conduct

Application Instructions:

Please visit the employment opportunities page to complete your online application. Please upload your Cover Letter, Resume, and Reference List.

Buckingham Browne & Nichols School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, age, gender identity, national origin or ancestry, veteran status, sexual orientation, genetic information, or any non-job related physical or mental disability. We welcome candidates who will increase our diversity; we encourage candidates of color and all diverse candidates to apply.

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