Maintenance/ Grounds Person

Moses Brown, Providence, RI

Accredited by NEASC


To perform maintenance and repair for all campus buildings, i.e. installation, maintenance and repair of building hardware. Responsible for the set up and break down of all necessary equipment (chairs, tables, stages, etc.) for all events and meetings. Also responsible through the Operations Managers for assisting in maintaining campus grounds, installation of new landscape designs, maintenance of athletic fields and removal of snow and/or ice from the campus roads and walkways. 

Major Responsibilities:                                        

  • To perform general school requirements including the coordinating and directing of set-ups and dismantling of school related functions and meetings.  Sometimes including after school, evening and weekend set ups.
  • To assist in the installation, maintenance/repair of doors, hardware, windows, floors, ceilings, light fixtures/bulbs, it relates to the maintenance of a school facility.          
  • To assist in security/safety services including a rotating Saturday morning shifts and vacation coverages for 2nd Shift Security Guard. Includes walking rounds, checking doors/windows, making sure perimeter of campus is secured, etc.                  
  • Oil grease, replace belts, filters of machinery on campus.
  • Install, maintain and make keys, cores, and door locks and assist in maintaining core/key inventory.
  • Learn to assist in the operation of the Building Management Systems (i.e. Andover Controls, CCure, Encellium Lighting Controls, etc)                
  • To use hand tools/equipment (i.e. shovels, plows, tractors) to remove snow and ice from stairs, walks, ramps, drives and parking lots                                           
  • To operate salt spreaders or tractors to remove snow and ice from walks, roadways and parking lots                   
  • To maintain athletic fields using appropriate lawn care procedures, including lining/striping of playing surfaces, dragging infields and cleaning the track 
  • To assist in the cleanup and removal of leaves from the campus grounds.
  • Willing and able to go to school to acquire licenses and training to perform necessary tasks. (lead License, chemical license, asbestos abatement training, heat systems and equipment training)
  • To perform other related work as required.                                                         


Event set ups, general maintenance and grounds work are based upon the school, athletic, and facilities calendars with limited supervision from Maintenance manager. The tasks and duties performed are in support of the various services provided by the Maintenance/Operations Department.

Working Relationships/Contacts:

Interacts with virtually every area of campus life. A professional relationship supportive of Maintenance/Operations objectives are very essential. The ability to work individually or as a team.



High School Graduate or equivalent (College Degree preferred).


Two or more years of specialized training in building and landscape maintenance.

Skills, Knowledge or Competencies:

Ability and skill to safely operate machinery used in maintenance, e.g., hand tools, power tools, hydraulic lifts, ladders, pick-up trucks with plow attachments and salt spreaders. Must to able to use a computer for work orders, e-mails, and BMS. Ability to interact effectively with supervisors and campus personnel. Must possess a valid driver’s license. Ability to drive a truck hauling a trailer. Skill in the use and maintenance of hand and power tools and equipment is required. Install tables, chairs, sound panels, stages, operate retractable seating/flooring for school setups as necessary. Ability to observe and practice good working habits and maintain security of buildings and systems. Ability to follow through and carry out assignments. Ability to obtain and maintain an RI Asbestos Competent Person License. Strong ability in general maintenance of school buildings.  Ability to use computers for work orders, e-mails, etc. Must have a valid driver’s license.

Working Conditions:

Required to work outside in all types of weather. Some hazards exist related to working with machinery. Lifting of heavy objects.

Yearly Schedule: Fiscal Year

Weekly schedule:   

 Monday         9:30am      to      6:00pm   

 Tuesday        9:30am      to      6:00pm

Wednesday      9:300am     to      6:00pm   

Thursday       9:30am      to      6:00pm   

Friday         9:300am     to      6:00pm   

Saturday       rotating    to                   

Includes working on Holidays falling on scheduled workweek.

Also includes working on weekends, some mandatory.

May require some adjusted shift schedules for evening event set up. This will be determined on an as needed basis, determined by event schedules and discussion with the Maintenance Manager.

Notification of Absence/Tardiness required

Classification: Full Time

Emergency Weather Requirement: Essential (Required to work).

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  • Maintenance