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Moses Brown, Providence, RI

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Moses Brown School (www.mosesbrown.org), a Friends day school for 789 students N-12 in Providence, RI, seeks an enthusiastic, experienced educational leader to serve as the next Head of Upper School (grades 9-12).

Moses Brown’s mission is to nurture the inner promise of each student and instill the utmost care for learning, people, and place. Since its founding in 1784, the school has honored and upheld Quaker practices and values while also embracing students of every faith and background. The school’s 33-acre campus on Providence’s historic east side houses a vibrant learning community committed to experiential education, reflective engagement, and ethical leadership. In its hiring practices, Moses Brown deliberately seeks to maximize the diversity of the school (in terms of class, gender, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, abilities/disabilities, and language).

The Upper School Head, a member of the Administrative Council reporting to the Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs, is responsible for all aspects of life in a high school of 400+ students and 60 faculty and staff.  Leading and partnering with a team that includes a Director of Student Life, Class Deans, Department Heads, a Registrar and an Assistant to the US Head, the US Head oversees the academic program; attends to students’ intellectual, social, and emotional wellbeing; supports teachers through mentoring, evaluation, and professional development; and serves as a resource for an active parent body.


In keeping with its Quaker identity, Moses Brown’s Upper School strives to equip every student with the skills they will need to be compassionate, competent, and considerate leaders and citizens. In their time at MB, students learn to use reflection and discernment to gather and process facts, solicit diverse perspectives, listen deeply, interpret evidence, evaluate choices, and make conscious, well-considered decisions. Because they understand that every human being is deserving of respect and care, students learn to grow through conflict and to respond to challenges with tolerance, resilience, and conviction. They learn how individual choices are inherently related to social problems and solutions, and how individual voices can be powerful tools for advocacy and change.  And when they leave Moses Brown, students leave empowered—not just to find their Truth, but to live it, with courage and commitment.

MB believes that every student has an Inner Light that should be tended and celebrated – and that means offering a wide spectrum of opportunities for learners to shine. Students across the school are immersed in a varied and rigorous program that includes a robust fine arts program, 17 musical and performance groups, 50 clubs and activities, and 61 athletic teams competing in 16 different sports. In the Upper School specifically, students choose from a diverse array of courses that includes 19 AP and 20 honors courses, as well as interdisciplinary courses examining values-centered themes of peace, social justice, and leadership. And even as students pursue individual excellence and achievement, collaboration and connection are equally important in the life of the school.  Students and teachers alike are constantly challenged to contribute to the community by sharing their gifts, perspectives, ideas, and solutions.  Each week, the entire Upper School takes part in the Quaker tradition of Meeting for Worship, a period of silent reflection that presents an opportunity for anyone to speak truth to the gathered group.

When asked what they appreciate most about their school, US students routinely mention the strong, trusting relationships between students and faculty and a “fantastic, welcoming” community where differences are celebrated. Faculty appreciate the caliber of their colleagues, great students, autonomy in the classroom, the authentic presence of Quaker values, and an environment of inclusivity, collegiality and support.

Interested candidates are encouraged to explore the school’s website to gain a full sense of MB’s extensive program—curriculum, arts, athletics, travel, work in diversity, equity and inclusion, service opportunities, clubs etc.---and the way Quaker values shape the school. An informative website exploration should also include a review of the School’s transformational strategic plan – MB Believes:  a vision for learning, people and place.  Fueled by a $65 million capital campaign (now in its final year), the school is working to create conditions – programmatic, demographic, and physical – to foster key 21st-century skills in its students, including problem solving, global awareness and ethical leadership.  The new Head of Upper School will have the opportunity to support the acceleration of Project-Based Learning; programs in Engineering & Design, Social Entrepreneurship, and Coding & Robotics; a week-long experiential learning initiative called MB Immersion; and an extensive regimen of domestic and international service-learning and educational travel opportunities.

The Position

MB’s next Head of US will join a strong, well-resourced, dynamic, and wonderfully challenging Friends school community.  The school is thriving under the leadership of Head of School Matt Glendinning (currently in his 12th year).  The MB Believes strategic plan demonstrates both a spirit of innovation as well as a commitment to timeless Quaker values such as peace, equality, integrity and community.  Those values inform all aspects of life at the School, guiding decision making, informing curriculum planning, and shaping community-wide conversation, including issues of social justice.  The next US Head at MB will be an educational leader who feels a sense of calling toward the School’s mission and values and who has a successful track record leading within a diverse school community.

Having experienced a number of recent leadership transitions, the US seeks an experienced, inspirational, and culturally competent leader who can be a visible, accessible, and good-humored presence for students, their parents and faculty.  The next US Head should be a leader of integrity who has the self-confidence, humility and instinct to lead in a collaborative fashion, and who thrives in a fast-paced, dynamic and demanding work environment. In addition, the ideal candidate will be:

  • A highly experienced, emotionally intelligent leader who has well-developed skills managing adults, building teams, and strengthening faculty culture;
  • A skillful communicator who understands the value of listening, transparency and clarity; an inspirational writer and public speaker who is comfortable being a public ambassador for the school;
  • Genuinely appreciative of adolescents, knowledgeable about the challenges they face today, and a champion for academic, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing;
  • An experienced teacher who understands and values the life of a teacher;
  • Committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, with a demonstrated record of professional engagement or leadership;
  • Organized and efficient, adept at managing the people, systems and structures of a high school with 400+ students;
  • A natural collaborator, possessing the self-awareness to seek help when needed, to delegate, to hold one’s self and others accountable both for progress as well as missteps; and
  • An inspiring role model who leads with passion, who values the use of consensus in decision-making, who delights in identifying and drawing on the gifts of team members, and who is comfortable bringing their whole self to work in a community that values difference, authenticity, and individual interests.

For Consideration

All inquiries will be treated confidentially. Interested individuals should send a letter of interest, resume and personal statement and/or statement of educational philosophy to:

            Jane Armstrong

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