Middle School Director
  • Middle School

Thayer Academy, Braintree, MA

Accredited by NEASC

The Middle School Director reports to the Head of School and is responsible for shaping all activities involving students and faculty in the Middle School in ways that are consistent with the school’s mission statement. The specific responsibilities include the following:

  • To act as the educational leader of the Thayer Academy Middle School, responsible for its day-today operation; to direct the activities of the members of the middle school’s instructional staff in the performance of their duties; to function as the chief articulator of the Middle School’s programs, expectations, behavioral guidelines, and other information necessary to ensure that all constituencies are fully informed; and to provide a safe and supportive environment in which learning can take place. 
  •  To observe, supervise, and help evaluate the faculty in the development and implementation of a challenging curriculum; to supervise the teaching process and to review and evaluate the academic programs; to participate in the Academic Forum Committee and to play a leadership role in the articulation and implementation of the entire school’s academic program; to ensure an effective orientation process for new middle school teachers, to promote in-service training and other professional development opportunities for all teachers; and to make recommendations to the Head regarding the hiring, retention, and the assignment of faculty.
  • To conduct regular meetings with faculty to deal both with routine school matters and to foster the productive exchange of ideas on issues of educational/philosophical interest and concern; to oversee and direct the activities of the department chairs, the sponsors of various student organizations and activities, and faculty committees.
  • To oversee the coordination of the co-curricular and extra-curricular activity programs of the school; to assist in the planning and the presentation of school assemblies and programs; to assist in maintaining a comprehensive calendar of school events, and to keep the entire middle school community informed of various school programs and activities.
  • To supervise the Department Heads, teachers, and the Director of the Hale Learning Center to provide for the academic guidance and support of all students; to maintain complete academic records on all students; to oversee the grading and the reporting of standards and methods used by teachers in measuring student achievement.
  • To supervise the Dean of Students to establish guidelines for proper student conduct and dress; to maintain student discipline consistent with school policies; to monitor students’ adherence to established school rules; and to maintain accurate records of student attendance and citizenship.
  • To supervise the Middle School Guidance Counselor and the Middle School Coordinator of Diversity to ensure that our guidance program addresses both the individual needs of specific students and the needs of a community committed to safe, thoughtful, and respectful behavior.
  • To supervise the Middle School Scheduler in the preparation of a master middle school class schedule and to assign teachers and students to classes and other obligations.
  • To work with the Middle School Athletic Director in the articulation and implementation of a middle school athletic program that meets the needs of our students.
  • To nurture and support the constructive partnership that exists between the Academy and the parent community; to cooperate with the Thayer Academy Parents’ Association in supporting and identifying appropriate parental education programs; and to listen well and respond appropriately to parental concerns and suggestions.
  • To prepare the next year’s operating budget proposal for the Middle School and to monitor the current year’s operating budget and to recommend need capital items for the Middle School in preparation for the Academy’s annual capital budget.
  • To be a visible presence in all areas of the school; to work toward a resolution of all problems - both routine and unique - as they arise; to keep the Head informed of the general programs, activities, and problems of the middle school; to ensure compliance with legal requirements of government regulations and agencies and to maintain our accreditation requirements.
  • To assist in the admission process for the testing, interviewing, and evaluating of applicants for enrollment.
  • To perform other duties as assigned by the Head of School and to support the school and its leadership.
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