Middle School Science Teacher 2020-2021
  • Middle School
  • Science
  • Teacher

Shady Hill School, Cambridge, MA

Accredited by AISNE

For over one hundred years, Shady Hill, a school of 521 students (PK-VIII) and 90 faculty, has been a leader in progressive elementary education. Grades B-II pursues a variety of Thematic Studies that reflect the Central Subject Methodology by integrating areas of learning, but in shorter, age-appropriate units. Grades 3-8 engage in Central Subject, an in-depth, integrated study of a particular time or people in history. The year-long Central Subject study, which emphasizes strong content, the use of primary sources, understanding of multiple perspectives, acquisition of essential skills, and self-discovery, forms the core of our curriculum. Central Subject faculty are responsible for the skills and content in both social studies/history and language arts and with the support of performing arts and visual arts faculty, the integration of these disciplines.


Shady Hill is a deeply mission-driven school.  We seek to develop independent, joyful, and curious learners who respect their own accomplishments and those of others. We strive to be a community whose values are strong and which is unafraid to engage students in important questions. The school’s program allows children to explore their worlds and test their powers.  As a diverse school, we believe that an inclusive community is an educational and moral imperative that empowers us all. Therefore, we seek to hire teachers who share this commitment and demonstrate the skills of culturally competent educators.


Shady Hill School is also a teacher training institution.  Its long-standing Teacher Training Course, which brings as many as eighteen apprentice teachers to campus each year, prepares talented aspiring teachers for careers in education and allows each faculty member the opportunity to be a mentor and meaningful contributor to the teaching field.  Because of the school’s commitment to teacher training, the school often seeks teachers with certification.

Basic Purpose:

The science program, in keeping with the overall philosophy of the school, seeks to aid students in becoming independent thinkers and problem-solvers. Our curriculum emphasizes depth over breadth, and is based on inquiry and discovery. Science at all grade levels allows students to consider a problem, develop a plan for testing and solving the problem, and to reflect on why the plan did or did not work. Hands-on activities are selected to introduce and reinforce concepts, and to lead to a deeper understanding. We value multiple perspectives, collaboration and an appreciation for careful observation and consideration of all aspects of a question.

  Specific Responsibilities:

  • Teach 3 to 4 classes daily of middle school science, grade levels to be determined
  • Follow lab safety rules set by the Shady Hill science department
  • Communicate about student progress: write reports, hold parent conferences as necessary, and meet with gradeheads and administrators to support the needs of individuals
  • Work collaboratively with other members of the science department
  • Serve as a full community member by attending weekly faculty meetings and participating in admissions screening
  • Cover recess and/or lunch duties as assigned


  • Masters degree preferred]
  • Prior teaching experience required
  • Prior science teaching experience strongly preferred
  • Strong background in inquiry approach to science


Additional Info:

Finalists are expected to teach a demonstration lesson. A writing sample and college transcripts are also required. Annual salary for faculty is determined according to a step scale commensurate with experience. 


How to Apply

To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, and three references as separate documents to: apply@shs.org. Please be sure to include “Middle School Science Teacher” in the subject line of the e-mail. Application deadline is Friday, February 28, 2020.


Shady Hill offers competitive salaries and a generous benefits package, including medical, dental and vision insurance plans, a school-matched retirement plan and paid time off. Shady Hill is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. For more information on Shady Hill please visit us at www.shs.org.