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Miss Hall's School, Pittsfield, MA

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Position Description 

Miss Hall’s School seeks a full-time History Teacher for the 2020-21 school year and beyond. The History Department wishes to diversify its staff and expand its offerings based on the expertise of a globally oriented educator with strong teaching credentials. We are especially interested in candidates who specialize in Asia, Latin America, Africa, or the African diaspora. The right candidate will be well qualified to teach World History and be expected to develop and deliver distinctive coursework for juniors and seniors commensurate with the applicant’s interests and experiences. We hope to find a collaborative, inspiring, and innovative teacher with a unique character, a compelling background, and appealing interpersonal skills.


  • Teach four sections of history, including World History and electives based on interest and background
  • Integrate classroom technologies to enhance teaching, learning, and preparation for the future
  • Interest and willingness to participate in interdisciplinary initiatives with other departments
  • Actively participate in the growth of the History Department
  • Pursue appropriate professional development and remain abreast of changes in history education and pedagogy
  • Represent the department through committee membership, attendance at faculty and department meetings, and other community initiatives
  • Maintain an active presence and participate fully in campus life by attending school events whenever possible
  • Serve five-weekend duty rotations annually

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Two to four years of teaching experience with a variety of histories
  • Bachelor’s Degree in history or a related field required; Master’s Degree preferred
  • Willingness to participate in interdisciplinary and innovative curricular design and partnership
  • Demonstrated interest, commitment and ability to work with students of varied academic levels and interests
  • Experience in direct instruction, collaborative,  and experiential  learning
  • Passion and knowledge about the use of technologies to support creative, innovative, and engaged learning and ability to inspire students to engage with technology in innovative and effective ways
  • Strong communication skills with an ability to work collaboratively with multiple teams to accomplish complementary goals
  • Demonstrated commitment to equity and inclusion and the ability to work with a diverse population of students, parents, and colleagues
  • High ethical standards and an awareness of appropriate boundaries as well as sensitivity and respect for the needs of an adolescent, all-girl population

Commitment to the Miss Hall’s School Mission and Core Values

Physical Requirements of the Job

  • Ability to maintain mobility in a classroom or building to facilitate student instruction
  • Ability to participate in weekend activities at the School as required by contract
  • Ability to use a computer to communicate efficiently and to produce classwork, grades, and comments

Please email cv & resume to HR@Misshalls.org