Program Founder - Educator

Applewild School, Fitchburg, MA

Accredited by AISNE

Applewild School seeks the founding educational leader to help us bring Prospect Studio to life! As conceptualized, Prospect Studio is a formative, individualized and innovative one-year program for 8th and 9th-grade students who wish to spend a year engaging in an intellectual adventure designed to inspire deeper, self-motivated learning. This program is perfect for the student who wants one more year of preparation before attending their local high school or an independent secondary day or boarding school. Applewild has established a relationship with Powderhouse Studios (Somerville, MA) to support newly hired faculty in the development of the program. It is expected that the Program Founder/Educator will collaborate for some portion of the summer to prepare for the launch of the program. There is significant space for the Founder/Educator to craft the curriculum and approach, and will likely be a need to make adjustments throughout the year.

Prospect Studio will enroll up to a total of 13 students in grades 8 and 9. This mixed-age cohort will be taught by a team of two faculty(one Founder/Educator who will direct an assistant teacher), who bring their own personal and professional backgrounds to the development of multidisciplinary projects and programs. The program founder/educator will work with students to deepen projects and manage connecting projects to a mixture of personal, professional, and academic goals. A 15 passenger van is available for field study as well as ample flexible classroom space. The program has attracted a cohort of interesting, adventurous and talented students, some are domestic day students and others will come from abroad and will live on campus

At a conceptual level, we inhabit a time when all schools are wrestling with how to shift educational models and pedagogy to respond to what we now know about tomorrow’s world. The increasing rate of change and technological innovation in Artificial Intelligence, big data, robotics, nanotechnology, and biotechnology will demand different skill sets and capabilities than what standard programs presently offer. Prospect Studio is Applewild’s response to this challenge.

Prospect Studio was inspired in part by Tony Wagner’s Creating Innovators and Global Achievement Gap books in which he studied successful innovators and entrepreneurs to identify the skills and attributes our students the next generation will need to be successful:

  1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  2. Collaboration across Networks and Leading by Influence
  3. Agility and Adaptability
  4. Initiative and Entrepreneurialism
  5. Effective Oral and Written Communication
  6. Accessing and Analyzing Information
  7. Curiosity and Imagination

Prospect Studio educators will guide students to develop these skills through an interdisciplinary, project focused program based around a theme. Our theme is Placemaking and Urban Renewal, which offers a wealth of questions to explore in seminars, individual projects and whole group experiences. These questions might include: What is the balance of old and new? Who decides how a community is renewed? What defines a place? What impact does immigration have on development? What relationship do the arts have on the community over time? Does architecture matter? Through these lines of inquiry, students are guided by their faculty to pursue a series of projects which will identify and develop specific skills. For example, they may survey people leaving or arriving to the area, research how public policy impacts development, develop a new pop-up storefront, or map change over time. These projects are immersive and rich in skill development, authentically engaging students in depth study of statistics, data visualization, analysis of history, presentation skills, interviewing skills, and many others. Further, students will be writing authentically and frequently to develop their expository writing and narrative skills, metacognitively reflecting, and conversing about their work to develop leadership and project management skills. Our students face a future that is rapidly changing so we offer a year of transformative change where students will develop innovation, entrepreneurialism, design and leadership skills to position students for future success in high school and beyond. A fuller description of the program is available on the School’s website.

COMPENSATION: A competitive salary with standard benefits will be offered. On-campus housing is available. This position will report directly to the Head of School but will work closely with the Upper School Division Head.


  • The ability and desire to teach a fully-interdisciplinary program with 8-9th grade students.
  • Experience with project-based learning, experiential learning, design thinking, deeper learning, and integrated curricula.
  • Possess a strong desire and the corresponding energy to build something new!
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Have experience teaching and a deep appreciation of the developmental needs of 8-9th graders.
  • Be comfortable with technology and be able to model active problem solving and creativity.
  • Masters degree


Founded in 1957, Applewild educates children in preschool through ninth grade. The school has two campuses: 1) Fitchburg-26 acres, 10 buildings for co-ed day PK-9 and boarding 5-9th grades. 2) Devens-single building with PK-2nd grade.

At Applewild, we believe that the ages of four to fifteen are the most important in a child's education, the foundation upon which all future success is built. We empower students to discover their passion for learning and pursue excellence in academics, arts, and athletics in our supportive environment. The Core Values and Competencies we promote and the relationships we foster among all members of our diverse community prepare our students to be confident learners and engaged citizens.

Applewild School is an equal opportunity employer and as such does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, or any other status protected by law. We welcome individuals that add to the diversity and vibrancy of our community

TO APPLY: Please send cover letter and resume to Amy Jolly, Head of School via

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