School Nurse Position, Full Time
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Tower School, Marblehead, MA

Accredited by AISNE

The Tower School currently seeks qualified applicants for the position of school nurse. This full­time, school­year position reports directly to the Head of School. Using best practices, the nurse will identify students with health problems and provide comprehensive nursing care.

  •  Recommends exclusion and monitors readmission for students and faculty with infectious or communicable diseases and collaborates with the Board of Health as needed.
  • Makes appropriate referrals on health problems observed in students and consults school physician when needed.
  • Collaborates with mental health staff related to students with social or emotional difficulties.
  • Serves as an educational resource for students, families, and faculty.
  • Assists in the development and facilitation of the school's wellness program
  • Identifies health and safety hazards in the school and communicates with the administration and the maintenance staff.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of safe and proper medication administration in accordance with state guidelines and school policy.
  • Communicates with families and faculty about school health policies and ensures compliance with these policies.
  • Assists with maintenance of accurate health records on each student. Ensures that all students comply with immunization laws.
  • Exercises discretion and confidentiality in accordance with HIPAA standards. Handles confidential information ethically and professionally.
  • Assists with collecting statistical information to meet reporting requirements
  • Provides emergency care in cases of injury or sudden illness, initiating emergency response when needed. Participates in professional development programs.
  • Encourages and assists teachers to help students develop good health habits.
  • Provides a healthy organic snack to all students
  • Assists with management of school health, materials and supplies.
  • Provides CPR/ AED training for all faculty and coaches
  • Promotes inclusion practices to create a safe, welcome environment for students, families, and faculty, particularly around cultural medical practices and issues of gender and sexual identity

Bachelor of Nursing required 3­5 years experience preferred School experience a plus 5/31/2019 School Nurse Job Description - Google Docs

Please forward application materials to Kristen Baldacci, Executive Assistant to the Head of School, at

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