Upper School Counselor

Thayer Academy, Braintree, MA

Accredited by NEASC

The Upper School Counselor, an integral part of the Upper School faculty, works closely with the Upper School Director, school nurses, advisors, teachers, and grade level deans to create a safe school environment for students and faculty. The Upper School Counselor serves all school constituents, not just those with problems or those in crisis. In addition to helping students manage common stressors, the Counselor is a resource in the community to support the adults who work with and care for Upper School students.

When necessary, he/she may screen students for symptoms of more serious mental health concerns and help parents find appropriate outside mental health providers. He/she can serve as a liaison between the school and provider and be an advocate for the student at school.

In times of crisis, the Counselor coordinates with the school and community to bring together resources. As the foundation of his/her work, the Counselor adheres to professional and ethical standards within the field.

Responsibilities: Aside from what is mentioned above, the Upper School Counselor also:

  • Meets weekly with the Upper School Deans Group;
  • Meets weekly with the Upper School Director to discuss specific student/faculty concerns;
  • Meets weekly with the Hale Learning Center team;
  • Plans periodic Parent Education Forums on topics of adolescent development (in conjunction with the Middle School Counselor and the Thayer Academy Parents Association);
  • Teaches some portions of the ninth grade Health course;
  • Teaches the eleventh-grade Decisions course (spring only);
  • Oversees the Upper School Advising Program;
  • Coordinates school-wide counseling-based initiatives, such as the annual Freedom from Chemical Dependency program;
  • Helps plan student orientations with US Director and grade deans;
  • Serves as a resource to parents who may have concerns about their child’s personal development.


  • Advanced degree in social work, counseling, or clinical psychology
  • Experience working with high school age children, their parents, and their teachers (preferably in an independent school environment)
  • Good communication and organizational skills
  • An appreciation of and ability to maintain confidentiality • Approachability and trustworthiness

Interested candidates should send a letter of interest and a resume to Highley Thompson, Upper School Director (hthompson@thayer.org).