For Families, Parents and Caregivers

We are pleased to offer a variety of events for families, parents and caregivers exploring the benefits of independent school education.

Here is a preview of our 2019-20 opportunities.

Family Focus

A NEW speaker series for parents and caregivers
Additional details and registrations, coming soon!

Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive in Their Digital World

with Devorah Heitner

September 17, 2019
location TBA soon

Devorah works to take the fear out of this emotionally-charged topic and help parents and caregivers guide kids towards empathy, kindness, and integrity.

Getting this right sets kids up for a lifetime of success in a world where they are likely to find a job, meet their spouse, and build their reputations in interactive, digital communities. Come hear from Devorah and meet AISNE member schools at the complimentary evening program!

Anxious Children, Anxious Parents

with Lynn Lyons

November 19, 2019 and December 5, 2019
locations TBA soon

Lynn is a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist in Concord, New Hampshire. She's been in private practice for 28 years, specializing in the treatment of anxiety disorders in adults and children. Come hear from Lynn and meet AISNE member schools at the complimentary evening program!

The Gift of Failure

with Jessica Lahey

February 12, 2020
location TBA soon

Over her twenty years as a middle and high school teacher, Lahey began to suspect that the way we parent children has a direct impact on their motivation, learning, resilience, and the development of obsessive perfectionism and performance anxiety.

Jessica offers practical advice for fostering deep, meaningful learning by offering kids more autonomy at home and in school, helping them feel more competent, and strengthening parent-child and teacher-student relationships. Come hear from Jessica and meet AISNE member schools at the complimentary evening program!

AISNE Expo for Families of Color
Exploring Independent Schools

Sunday, October 6, 2019
Boston, MA -- location TBA soon

Meet and engage with many impressive AISNE member schools all together in one convenient location. Enjoy hearing from speakers on a variety of topics related to helping students and families succeed in today's dynamic world!

Additional details and registration, coming soon!