Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Loss and Joy: Searching for Wellbeing in a Pandemic Year

In-Person, Hybrid or Online

3:30 - 5:00 p.m. EST

Facilitated by: Jennifer Bryan, PhD

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Pictured: Jennifer Bryan

This session is for all school personnel: administrators, teachers, specialists, staff.

As Spring arrives, we pause to recognize that more than a full year of adapting, pivoting, planning, re-setting, innovating, scrapping, persevering, and grieving has deeply affected all who work in schools. One way for school communities to contend with the emotional intensity and fatigue of this time is to create space for the stories of loss and joy, because these are the stories that actually sustain us. 

This time together will be a dedicated opportunity to:

  • Work with our losses -- a new and necessary step toward achieving wellbeing
  • Foster a sense of belonging in our schools
  • Make room for joy 

In this workshop, we will use the framework of ambiguous loss (Pauline Boss) to understand our responses to this prolonged experience of disruption and uncertainty. While some people worry that "giving in" to our sadness will lead to collapse, sharing our experiences in a structured, intentional way, provides relief and builds community. With most of our recognized rituals (e.g. religious services, memorials, funerals, chapel, singing together) still off- limits, schools have an opportunity to meet essential human needs by bringing people together in this way. 

An essential part of contending with ambiguous loss is celebrating what remains, and, when the time is right, creating something new. Understanding and working with this repeating cycle of loss-to-joy sustains our wellbeing even in the most stressful times. 

Join psychologist and long-time educational consultant, Jennifer Bryan, Founder of Re-Set School, for stories, strategies and community. Just bring yourself, some paper and a pen.

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