Thursday, May 2, 2019

Hilton Hotel, Woburn, MA
7:45 a.m. - 3:30 p.m

Each of us are facing tremendous pressures and stimuli every day, from a variety of sources. At a time when striving to be many things to many people in many contexts is the norm, how do we find peace, balance, satisfaction and hope? Devote a day to being immersed in the latest thinking about the most actionable opportunities for advancing the health and wellness of today's students, educators, parents and families, both within your school's community and across our world at large.



  • Vaping, Juuling, Alcohol and Other Drugs: Dr. Sarah Bagley and the CATALYST Clinic
  • Self-Medicating: Substance Abuse: Dr. Sarah Bagley and the CATALYST Clinic
  • Maintaining Balance in Our Digital World: How Parents, Teachers, and Students Balance Pressures Around Social Media, Texting, Cyberbullying, and Being Online: Jorge Vega
  • Creating and Maintaining Connections: Through the School Years and Beyond into College: Princess Bomba, Wheeler School


  • RULER: Creating Emotionally Intelligent Schools: Dr. Marc Brackett, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence; Susan Rivers, parent at Newton Montessori
  • Navigating Anxiety at School and at Home: Lynn Lyons, opening keynote speaker
  • Balancing Multiple Roles in Independent Schools: Parent / Teacher / Coach: Annette Raphel and Diane Dillon



  • May I Have Your Attention Please: Understanding and Supporting Today‚Äôs Students with ADHD and ADD: Dr. David Gleason, Developmental Empathy, LLC
  • Musical Engagement: How Music Helps Through Hard Times: Vijay Gupta, closing keynote speaker

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