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Here is an event overview:

Thank you for bringing this special opportunity to your students!

Event Overview

In its 26th year, AISNE's High School Students of Color Conference is a dynamic, two-day experience bringing students of color from independent schools across New England together in an inspirational, thoughtful and supportive affinity space.

Each year's program is developed by an AISNE member host school, alongside our team. This year's host school is St. Mark's, and our primary partner is Loris Adams, Director of Community and Equity, in close collaboration with Lori Karlsson, Director of Auxiliary Programs and Starry Zhu, Assistant Director of Community and Equity.

St. Mark's seeks to cultivate a community that is safe and generative for each community member. They believe understanding the various cultures and communities represented in their student body is an essential part of the education each student receives. Learn more about their community and equity practice, and affinity groups (Pathways), here.

This year's conference theme is: The Hope U Give: Love As a Revolutionary Act. The conference will offer three keynote speakersand a choice of twenty four workshops and thirteen affinity groups. The majority of the workshops are student-designed and student-led by the St. Mark's community. Many were first developed for St. Mark's annual C & E Day, which took place last month. Workshop details will be shared early next week.

Each student attendee participates in two workshops and meets with their affinity group two times. Saturday evening, there are two dinner seatings, followed by affinity group gatherings and an opening keynote, then a choice of attending a dance or watching a movie. Sunday morning, we are planning to offer yoga, mindful meditation and gathering space options in parallel to each of our two breakfast seatings, followed by a full day of keynotes, workshops, affinity group meetings and friendship.

Chaperones are at St. Mark's for the entire conference, including Saturday's overnight. A chaperone workshop with closing speaker Jaime-Jin Lewis will be offered on Sunday morning during the 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. time. Additional gathering opportunities will be offered for chaperones, and we welcome your ideas.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Update, posted Wednesday, March 27 @ 2:00 p.m.


If you have interested students,
please call Kristin Bedard at 781-817-4466 to discuss options.

Thank you!

What is the registration cost?
  • $75 per student or chaperone includes program, meals and overnight accommodations
How many students may participate from our school?
  • AISNE has over 100 member schools with high school students.
  • This conference has the capacity for 400 students.
  • In order to provide a fair opportunity for all member schools, each school is invited to register 1-15 students to start.
  • The initial registration deadline will be Friday, March 29.
  • After this deadline, if there are spots remaining, all schools will be invited to register more students and chaperones by Friday, April 5. If you have more than 15 students interested, we encourage you to maintain a waitlist.
  • Friday, April 5 will be a firm and final deadline. If you are registering students for this conference, please do your very best to adhere to this deadline, to help us have ample time to assign all 400 students to workshops and affinity groups, and prepare their conference materials.
How many chaperones will our school need?
  • AISNE requires one chaperone for every 10 students, though your school may require more. We also require female and male chaperones in alignment with the genders of your participating students, for chaperoning the overnight spaces. St. Mark's and the AISNE community will assist with overnight chaperones for students who identify in other ways, from a gender perspective.
What information is needed to submit our school's conference registration to AISNE?
  • For each student, you will need to gather their: name, grade, gender identity (used for sleeping and showering arrangements), affinity group selection, workshop choices (students choose their top four choices and are assigned to two), choice of Saturday night dance or movie (students may change this choice at the conference; we'll use their choice for planning purposes), interest in Sunday morning yoga, mindful meditation or gathering space (also may change at the conference), any food allergies, special needs or notes.
  • Here is a worksheet to help you gather this information for each of your students. Here is a summary of this year's workshop choices.
  • Please do not submit incomplete registrations. Please gather complete information for each student prior to submitting your school's registration.
  • You may choose to submit your school's registration in groups of students. Please be aware that all spots are first come, first reserve, and spots will not be held.
  • If a change or two arise after you have submitted your school's registration(s), please contact Kristin prior to Friday, April 5 to make the changes on AISNE's end.
How do the overnight accommodations and sleeping arrangements work?
  • For students, it is a "camping" type arrangement -- sleeping bags and pillows on the gymnasium floor (no inflatable beds / pads allowed).
  • For chaperones, roll away beds are provided.
  • Separate sleeping areas are designated for girls, boys, and for those students who identify in other ways.
What else is new this year?
  • In parallel to Sunday's two lunch seatings, we will be offering a space for schools and students to share highlights from your own community and equity practices. This could be a book an affinity group recently read and discussed, a speaker who came to your school, a new idea your students recently brought to life... anything that is a source of pride and inspiration for your school that you believe will be of interest and value to your peers joining you at this year's conference. It could be something long-standing or something brand new... it's up to you! Bring a school flag if representatives from your school will be sharing out during these times. We will have a room set with tables.

Do you know this year's Asian American Footsteps Conference is happening on the same weekend?

  • We do. In the past, we have had an arrangement so that our conferences do not happen at the same time. We will be working on making that happen for 2020 and beyond.
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We look forward to welcoming
you and your students to St. Mark's!

Thank you for bringing this special opportunity to your students!

Please contact Kristin with any questions along the way.