Ben Kahan and Zeezee Canning

Pictured left to right: Ben Kahan and Zeezee Canning

Ben Kahan, Cambridge School of Weston ‘17

Ben has been working with the latest technology ever since he was little. He has experience in a wide array of fields ranging from Adobe Creative software, Computer Aided Drafting and Design, 3D Printing, and drones. Ben began acting in middle school and fell in love with theatre tech, specifically lighting design.

While working with Zeezee, Ben has had the opportunity to merge his love of technology with his passion for theatre. Within the scope of King’s Dharma, Ben has been working with Zeezee on the ever-evolving story of King’s Dharma as well as leading the Research and Development of the production.

Currently, Ben pursuing a double major in mechanical engineering and economics at The University of Rochester.

Zeezee Canning, Dedham Country Day School ‘14, Cambridge School of Weston ‘18

Zeezee Canning is a digital artist who specializes in poster design and is currently working on King's Dharma, a multimedia production, as the writer and creative director. Zeezee also has experience in 3D sculpting, web design, graphite portrait drawing, woodworking, and screenwriting, much of which stems from his passion for art at DCD.

Zeezee joined the DCD community in the 4th grade and soon found passion in the arts through woodworking and art electives, such as Flash Animation and Watercolor painting. In middle school, Zeezee was able to experiment with Photoshop and found a love for combining traditional art and technology. In 7th grade, Zeezee helped Rob Thacher create Atlaza: An Aztec Strategy Game, an original board game featuring custom game pieces, and he then returned to DCD three years later with his creative partner, Ben Kahan, to showcase 3D modeling and printing.

Now at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University, Zeezee concentrates on multimedia and business as a continuation for his love of interdisciplinary study.