Middle School Students of Color Conference
Saturday, February 2, 2019
Buckingham Browne and Nichols School, Cambridge, MA


This conference is able to provide an extraordinary experience to 400 middle school students from AISNE member schools. At its core, this conference was founded to provide an affinity space for students of color.

In order to provide a fair opportunity for all interested schools to participate, we are inviting each school to register 1-10 students plus 1-2 adult chaperone(s) to start. Please do keep a wait list of additional interested students. Next Friday, 1/18 we will release additional spaces, once all AISNE member schools with middle school grades have had an initial opportunity to register 1-10 students.

Please designate one person from your school to manage taking this opportunity to your students, collecting their workshop interests and affinity group selections, and handling their registrations

  1. Gather 1-10 student names (in grades 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9), plus 1-2 adult chaperone(s): through sign-ups, expressed interest, nominations, drawing, etc. Please keep additional interested students' names on a wait list.
  2. Ask your 1-10 selected students to each please provide you with their top four workshop choices and their affinity group selection.
  3. Once you've gathered each of your student's: name, age, gender, grade, affinity group selection, workshop choices, and any special notes (special needs, food allergies, etc.) and your adult chaperone(s)' name(s), please register your group of 1-10 students plus 1-2 adult chaperone(s) all together at one time by next Thursday, 1/17.
Please register your school's initial group
of 1-10 students plus 1-2 adult chaperone(s)
by next Thursday, 1/17.

If there are spaces available next Friday, 1/18, we will send out another communication with an invitation to register additional students from your wait list by Friday, 1/25.

$50 per student / chaperone: breakfast, lunch and program

Registrations will close on Friday, 1/25 to allow time for assigning students to workshops and affinity groups, and coordinating workshop logistics with this year's host school. This is a firm deadline.

We are seeking adults to facilitate our affinity groups. Please e-mail Kristin if you are able to participate in this way or have a colleague who would like to facilitate an affinity group. Thank you!

We greatly appreciate your partnership and collaboration in making this event a tremendous success for your students.