Enrollment Management

Trends in Enrollment

Click here for an overview presentation given to boards by Executive Director Claire Leheny on independent school enrollment trends in the last decade.

A new report from the Enrollment Management Institute looks at "What every Head Needs to Know about Enrollment" (2017)

Peer Benchmarking
We encourage all AISNE schools to participate in DASL, a benchmarking tool can analyze various aspects of your school admissions and operations data. Note: non-NAIS members can contribute their data to DASL and use the features of the database.

International Market
Understanding the International Market (SSATB)

Principles of Good Practice
While AISNE does not have rules regarding how admissions teams work across the network, we do encourage every admissions professional to be familiar with the prevailing industry principles of good practice. See NAIS and AISAP principles of good practice.

School Rankings
AISNE discourages the ranking of schools by general media outlets. For more information, please click here for the board's statement on the topic.

School Openings
If you would like to list any open places at your school so that we can forward any parent inquiries to the right place. Any questions, please contact Carol-Ann McIntosh in our office.

Faith-Based Schools in Post-Recession Economy
A Measuring Success report that looks at key operating indicators of faith-based independent schools since 2008-09.

Recommendation Forms